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Sketch of a Welder

The piece of artwork you see above is actually another drawing by Mikhail Maiofis, this is one of man’s few non-illustrative works so I thought it would be interesting to share. Drawn sometime in the 60’s, here, Maiofis sketched a typical Soviet welder (bearing a striking resemblance to Russian singer Vyacheslav Bobkov) but in an art style quite different from what was previously shown. It might also be interesting to note that Maiofis produced several more drawings of this type, but they are at the moment in the possession of private collectors and will most likely not be seen by the public for some time.

A Quick Update

Because of unforseen circumstances, some of you may have noticed I’ve neglected to update the blog as of late. With preparation for the school year and several other projects I have been asked to lend my assistance to, I have become very busy and I’ve yet to find the time to write a new post.

Rest assured, I will resume updating as soon I am able to and I promise the next few posts I write will be some of the most interesting I’ve done yet. For the time being, here are several images from posts I will be writing in the future. As always if this blog interests you, make sure to subscribe by RSS to stay updated.

Soldier in the Snow

While looking for material for today’s Japanese prints page, I happened upon a postcard dating from 1904 titled “Soldier in the Snow”. What’s interesting is there is a work of the same name by this week’s artist Vereshchagin that bares a strikingly odd resemblance. I could only conclude the maker of the postcard was inspired by Vereshchagin himself, especially since he was in the country of Japan the year the postcard was made. Either that or it’s all a coincidence. See for yourself by looking at the original painting and maybe learn more about the artist if you haven’t done so already by going here.


This is the introductory post in my latest blogging endeavour. This site was created as a way for English-speaking people to gain a higher understanding of Slavic history, art and whatever else appears of interest to me and this project.

Being an amateur historian myself, I’ve taken it upon myself to share the rich culture of Eastern Europe here. In future posts I hope to cover many aspects of art and history from ancient Slavic mythology to Russia’s expeditions into the new world. Every week or so I will display the work of a selected Eastern European artist of some renown, in addition to photographs throughout time. Of course there will be the occasional news story of importance, although I try to stray away from politics as much as I can in this blog.

If there’s something you’d like you would like to contribute or some sort of comment/suggestion, contact me at I’m always looking for new material to add to this blog, anything of relevance will be gladly appreciated.