Paintings by Vasiliy Timm

Vasiliy Timm is a Russian painter and illustrator of German descent who, like many others, made several paintings of Imperial Russia. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Timm was the publisher of the Russian Art Sheet, an illustration-oriented publication published three times a week from 1851 to 1862. The publication usually contained reproductions of paintings, portraits of popular figures, and information on current events.

The artist had also made several ilustrations for books and lithographs of different figures and locations, one of those locations being Tbilisi, Georgia. But what was most interesting of all, were his paintings of early 19th century Russia, most notably of the Decembrist uprising in St. Petersburg, serving as one of the most recognizable images of the event.

In this post I wish to present these few, stunning works of art. The several paintings you see below are mostly depictions of royal ceremonies, but created in great detail, enough that one might actually get the feeling of being there. The works contain several interesting details, such as the Russian royalty’s two famous African servants dressed in Turkish attire, among other things.


The paintings were found from the following links.


3 responses to “Paintings by Vasiliy Timm

  1. I loved your presentation of Slavic oil paintings and illustration- the problem is that there are no dates, authors and locations for the most part. Is there anyway I can get these footnotes?
    Thank you very much

  2. I found some of the images but one links for the images but the site was password protected

  3. You can see the names and dates of the paintings above if you hover the mouse over them. As for the exact location, the site these images are hosted on (Wikimedia Commons) does not specify the location, so I can’t assist you there.

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