This is the introductory post in my latest blogging endeavour. This site was created as a way for English-speaking people to gain a higher understanding of Slavic history, art and whatever else appears of interest to me and this project.

Being an amateur historian myself, I’ve taken it upon myself to share the rich culture of Eastern Europe here. In future posts I hope to cover many aspects of art and history from ancient Slavic mythology to Russia’s expeditions into the new world. Every week or so I will display the work of a selected Eastern European artist of some renown, in addition to photographs throughout time. Of course there will be the occasional news story of importance, although I try to stray away from politics as much as I can in this blog.

If there’s something you’d like you would like to contribute or some sort of comment/suggestion, contact me at misharusskiy@gmail.com. I’m always looking for new material to add to this blog, anything of relevance will be gladly appreciated.


3 responses to “Привет!

  1. Миша блин чё не отвечаешь и куды ты пропал!??!

  2. dude ns site, how long does it take u to do a article

  3. Wow, impressive site!

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